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Contemporary Performance Series

Featuring Enzo E. Vasquez Toral, Cynthia Ling Lee and DJ Siphne Aaye.

Curated by Dr. Joy Brooke Fairfield

At the Memphis Fringe Festival

McCoy Studio Theatre @ Rhodes College

2000 North Parkway Blvd, Memphis 38014

Online Program:


Cuir Devotion

By Enzo E. Vasquez Toral

10pm Friday June 7th

$10 -

In Cuir Devotion, drag queen Penelope Sumac, PhDiva uses performed ethnography,

comedy, and storytelling to talk about cross-dressing as ritual performance in the

patron-saint fiesta of the Tunantada in Jauja, Peru.


Lost Chinatowns
By Cynthia Ling Lee

2:30pm Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th

$10 -

Lost Chinatowns is a solo dance-theater work that combines embodied rhythms,

dynamic movement, and poetic writing to explore the invisibilized histories of Santa Cruz’s Chinatowns from 1860-1955. The piece aims to make connections between the historical othering of Asian bodies and current racialized xenophobia in the era of Trump.



By DJ Siphne Aaye

9:30pm Friday June 14th, followed by a dance party.

$10 -

Reflections explores the work of artists Nina Simone, Fred Hampton, Lorraine Hansberry and

James Baldwin through video, sound, and collage.

Joy Brooke Fairfield


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